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Contact Us     Read More WELCOME TO HILLS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS We're all about business efficiency, streamlining and making work life easier. Zero Harm Safety Culture – Safety is our priority We build and develop high performing teams. Ability to supply & manage technical workers for any type
of application or project.
Automated end to end Work Order Management.


We’re all about business efficiency, streamlining and making your work life easier.
Big opportunity or project? Let our TMS team take care of the manpower. We can provide a workforce of any skillset managed end-to-end, streamlining your operations and allowing you to focus on what is most important to your business.
We are always here to support you, whenever you need. Our internal staff manage all workers and work orders from end to end, this includes; Recruitment, Scheduling, Logistics, IT, Technical Support & Finance.
The backbone of our success is our people. Passionate, dedicated and committed, our team comprise of industry experts with a proven history working in our industry and with our technologies. Combing the right people with the right systems and processes allows us to achieve excellence in our service delivery.


Whatever your industry, Hills Technology Solutions has a solution to help streamline your business.

Our Work Management Centre

Our Work Management Centre

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Our Contractors

Our Contractors

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    Take the complexity out of contractor & workforce management with Hills industry leading Technician Management Services.


    Hills Technology Solutions is a one-stop-shop for providing workforces, solutions and building technologies, with unparalleled competencies across industry sectors.
    Started in 1948 with the invention of the Hills Hoist, few Australian names are as iconic as Hills. Over the years, we have changed, grown and developed in line with the changing demands of our customers. Today, we are known as a technology industry leader.
    Everything we do at Hills Technology Solutions centres around making business life easier. Agility, dynamism, automation and efficiency are our cornerstones. We understand that each of our clients have different business needs. Delivering customised solutions and value for money are our key drivers.
    Full national coverage including metropolitan, regional and remote areas and offshore islands. Servicing Australia and New Zealand.
    Ability to supply and manage technical staff for any application. We take care of all contractor management services including recruitment, installation, assurance/service, relocation, removal, reconfiguration and finance.
    A strong Health and Safety focus with more than 2000 days since the last employee lost time injury (LTI) and more than 1000 days since the last sub-contractor lost time injury (LTI).